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Bonfire night

In the UK we commemorate the anniversary of the failed gun powder plot; an attempt to blow up the House of Lords on the 5th of November 1605.  We are sure Guy Fawkes was blissfully unaware that his treason would become what we know today as Bonfire Night; a special time of year where, in early November, the skies around the UK are filled with Fireworks.

Staging a fireworks display can be an effective way of raising money for charities or clubs, engaging the local community or attracting visitors to the area.  Illuminated has vast experience in partnering with organisations on their Bonfire events, as well as providing the display our team is available for advice and guidance on all aspects of the event

Illuminated deliver professional firework displays across the UK for a broad range of bonfire celebrations from large public events to small private parties.

Illuminated firework displays